Financial Advisory

The Firm’s professionals work by your side, setting priorities and providing accurate assessments, with dedication, experience and professionalism, in extraordinary financial operations, from the initial moment to their conclusion. Our activities include consultancy for extraordinary operations, debt restructuring, company and intellectual property assets valuations, due diligence.


The key services offered are:

All transactions – whether mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, or equity investments – involve complex issues that require the dedicated attention of experienced professionals.

Implementing a business plan and strategic changes in order to rebalance the financial structure with the operating cash flow.

Determining, analytically, market value. In particular, the activities carried out are: company and group valuations, tangible and intangible assets valuations, impairment tests, fairness opinions regarding the sale or merger exchange ratio.

To verify that the value assigned to a business is in line with the market value of comparable companies.  Our assistance in the field includes all extraordinary operations, including: initial contributions, mergers, acquisitions, buy-backs and spin-offs

The Firm operates in the areas of insolvency proceedings, agreements and plans for debt restructuring, reorganisation and efficiency of industrial and operational structures, providing consultancy not only for insolvent companies, but also for creditors, liquidators, trustees, insolvency administrators, investors specializied in companies in crisis. The Firm provides advice on the acquisition, restructuring and recovery of companies in crisis, organisation of fundraising operations, both debt and risk capital.

Our activities include impairment test, including advice in matters of national and international accounting principles

Financial Advisory

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